Bridging the Unemployment Gap


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The core objectives of Amatoritsese Gagar Foundation are to:

Respond to the skill gap crisis so as to reduce unemployment particularly amongst the youths in Ugbege community in Warri North Local Government Area and Itsekiri Kingdom in general through the vehicle of functional education.

Empower the youth through gainful employment thus driving down poverty levels and promotion of peace and security.

Our Recent Achievements

Financial Empowerment

We are also targeting the development of a financial empowerment scheme through micro finance of cottage industries, access to seed capital and stimulating entrepreneurial spirit of the Itsekiri nation.

Tertiary Scholarships

We have addressed the low hanging fruits through the inaugural award of tertiary scholarships to five students of Itsekiri origin for the 2019/2020 academic session. We intend to continue on a larger scale from 2020/2021 session.

Secondary Education

Strengthening of secondary education delivery system, equipping and supporting adopted secondary school with dedicated teachers in core subject areas.

These are long term and ongoing evolving objectives.

Support Our Work

Support the work of a recognized humanitarian organization that is both transparent and committed.

Becoming a partner of Amatoritsese Gagar Foundation means you’re choosing:


An NGO that is fully committed to give back to the Itsekiri Nation without any strings attached


An NGO that is accountable for all funds raised, espoused strong governance culture and your objectives can be realised no matter the level of your partnership

Team Work

An NGO that believes that there is significant mileage in pulling together, flexible and very nimble to respond to specific objectives of prospective partners in reaching out to the needs of the Itsekiri nation.